Avanafil – The Latest ED Treatment in the ED Market

Avanafil is the latest erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment medication to enter the ED market.  Its brand name, Stendra, is made and manufactured by Vivus Inc.   Avanafil is classified as a PDE5 inhibitor drug and competes directly with the likes of Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis.  The last ED drug was released in 2003 (with the exception of Staxyn which was released in 2010 but is very similar to Levitra in nature) which is why many are a bit amazed as well as perplexed as to why in 2012, a new ED drug was released in the market that is notably dominated by the big three.  However, the confusion was gone when those men with ED braved to test the new ED drug.

For those who were brave enough to buy avanafil and test the new ED drug, they were amazed to find out that the drug was very effective in providing the necessary erection needed for a successful sexual intercourse.  Not only did the new drug provide them with a high efficacy, but the drug also had lesser side effects than the more popular ED drug Viagra.  Despite being new in the ED market, it simply proved that the new ED medication has what it takes to compete against the big three in ED medications.

Even if all four ED drugs belong to the same class of PDE5 inhibitor drugs, each is made using different active ingredients (as noted on their generic names).  This is why even if they all function similarly in nature, the effect as well as the extremity of their side effect differs.  Most ED drug users complain about certain side effects, like headaches, nasal congestion, nausea, indigestion, back pains, and facial flushing.  If you buy avanafil and use it as your ED treatment, you are less likely to experience these known side effects that ED meds are known for.  Perhaps this is the very reason why avanafil was released so late in the market because it has undergone a lot of extensive research.

Men with ED these days are very fortunate because not only can they buy avanafil or other medications from physical pharmacies, but they can also buy avanafil from online specialty stores.  One of the main advantages when you buy avanafil online is that you get a better deal from online shops than when you buy them from physical stores.  Online retailers of the drug are able to provide the drug at much cheaper prices and that when you buy avanafil in bulk, they will even throw in some bonuses to make the deal all the more worth it.  These days, most men with ED buy avanafil online as it is both economical and convenient.

To suffer from ED can be very embarrassing and most men will prefer that nobody except their partner knows about it.  However, to buy avanafil from physical stores means to divulge your little secret to the pharmacy attendant at your local pharmacy.  This though can be avoided if you buy avanafil from online stores because the transaction is purely via the internet and you are able to save face because you do not physically show yourself.  In addition, your purchase is wrapped in discreet packaging so even the courier will not have an idea on what is inside the parcel.