HGH Growth Hormone – Is it Worth the Shot?

One of the most controversial products available in the market today is the HGH growth hormone.  Researchers believed that such discovery of the so-called “fountain of youth” is an awesome breakthrough to enhance the quality of living. On the contrary, some health professionals have argued about the potential risks of taking an HGH dose which could lead to fatal diseases and cancer. However, none of these sides can provide solid evidences due to the lack of related studies. The benefits as well as the potential negative effects linked with HGH supplements are still a mystery, and the final verdict is left to you, the consumer.


A Glance at the Positive Side

At some point in our lives, we may be battling with a number of health issues, such as obesity, illness, signs of aging, or even physical enhancement. The good news is that the proponents of HGH have revealed facts that these miracle hormones can help alleviate these dilemmas. For instance, HGH intake can contribute a lot for weight loss because an increased level of growth hormones enhances body metabolism. In return, the user will experience vitality and improved physique. You can also start building your muscles more easily when accompanied with the right nutrition and exercise. All in all, you will enjoy the vitality again which you once had during your younger years.


Other factors which you can reap with an increased level of GH are – improved immunity system, better sleep, younger looking skin, enhanced sex drive, sound mind and body, and a whole lot of benefits which truly made it popular as the miraculous hormone, or the fountain of youth. With an enhanced wellness and vitality, your risks for obtaining certain diseases and infections are lessened.


What the cons side has to say…

 Despite of the compelling health benefits of HGH, many scientists still shrug their shoulders when it comes to the possible health hazards of the therapy. This uncertainty is still under studies, although many still claim that cancers, diabetes, bone deformities, baldness, unusual appearance of body acne, fatal heart and liver problems, and other possible effects could be linked with artificial GH injections.


Studies revealed that an extra dose of HGH could disturb the natural hormone balance of the body. By artificially inhibiting the pituitary gland to increase GH production, it is most likely that the gland will lessen the production of natural hormones to catch up with the hormonal balance. In the long run, these could result to certain health problems especially when the therapy is ceased.


And of course, who would go for a therapy such as this without spending a lump sum? Prior to considering an HGH regimen, you have to be ready financially. And besides, this treatment is not a one shot – you have to commit with it for a couple of months in order to appreciate the results; otherwise, you should never jumpstart with the therapy. In other words, you will have to think it over and over again before investing your hard-earned money for HGH by considering both the pros and the cons.

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