Male Impotence – How Serious Is It?

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Male impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) is not exactly a serious condition when put in the context of life-threatening.  No, male impotence is in no way this serious.  However, what makes this condition serious for every man that has it is that part of what makes them a man and mostly their main asset that provides them satisfaction and relief from sexual urges is no longer functioning properly.  This is because penile erection is needed to perform sexual intercourse successfully.  Otherwise, vaginal penetration is not possible.

The truth is male impotence is not a rare condition as nearly one in five men will have or experience it with some varying points of severity.  The problem with this condition though is that, like it or not, if you are a man who is very sexually active, it is an embarrassing condition.  In fact, most men with ED prefer not to discuss it with other men, even friends for that matter.  They usually keep the condition either to just themselves, or with their partners and personal doctor.  There have even been cases where the breakup of couples is due to the male not being able to provide the sexual needs of the female.  Such is the dilemma of men with ED.

Overall, erectile dysfunction can be classified under three forms of severity:

  1. The complete and total inability in achieving an erection.
  2. The ability to achieve an erection, but unable to sustain the erection long enough to last the entirety of the sexual intercourse.
  3. The ability to achieve an erection, but unable to get it hard enough to permit vaginal penetration.

At normal conditions, a man is able to get an erection through sexual stimulus like touch, sight, or imagination.  However, when a man has penile impotence, he is not able to achieve the erection he requires even if he desires it.

An erection occurs when blood is effectively pumped though the cavity within the penis called corpus cavernosum.  This of course happens when the brain releases certain chemicals to allow the smooth muscle surrounding the corpus cavernosum to relax so blood can be effectively pumped through.  When a man has ED, particularly physical related erectile dysfunction, the smooth muscle somehow does not relax.  PDE5 inhibitor drugs like tadalafil, avanafil, and vardenafil are however able to remedy this as the active ingredients within the said drugs are able to instruct the smooth muscles to relax to allow blood to pass through.  Such is the effectiveness of these new ED medications that men with erectile dysfunction are able to function as if they never had the condition of sexual impotence.

As mentioned earlier, male sexual impotence is not a life-threatening conditions, but it is however capable of ruining relationships.  If you feel like you have been experiencing this condition for a few weeks now, it is highly advisable to seek medical advice.  Through this, your doctor may be able to isolate the main factor that causes your condition and possibly be able to treat it earlier on before it becomes more difficult to treat.