Propecia Generic — Man’s Best Friend When It Comes to Male-Pattern Baldness

A majority of people usually think that men typically do not care much about their appearances.  This kind of thinking is actually very untrue, especially when it comes to the subject of androgenetic alopecia, or otherwise known as male-pattern baldness.  Men who are potentially going to suffer from this kind of condition (due to heredity) or those who are already going through a great deal of embarrassment and other negative emotions regarding baldness typically get to learn about one of its most well-known treatments, and that is, propecia generic.

Why is it called male-pattern baldness?

Male-pattern baldness is called like that simply because the balding process sort of follows a typical set pattern.  The initial stage of classic male-pattern baldness is typically a disappearing hairline, and then it is followed by the thinning and lessening of the hair near the temples and on the top of the head.  By the time these two balding areas meet in the center, it creates an illusion of a u-shaped hair surrounding the sides and the back of the head.  Even if this process of balding is really slow in most men suffering from it, unfortunately, they will turn out to be completely bald in the long run.

Male-pattern baldness is more like a vanity issue rather than a health issue.  Since hair loss is not considered to be a disease, it will not affect you healthwise.  However, if you think and feel that it is causing you to experience negative emotions (such as depression or anxiety), then you ought to consult your general practitioner in order to get an accurate diagnosis regarding your male-pattern baldness.

You can actually have your general practitioner refer you to a professional dermatologist if you would prefer to have further tests and analysis about your male-pattern baldness.  Moreover, if you think it is necessary for you, you could also have your general practitioner refer you to an experienced psychologist to help you deal with your emotional stresses from hair loss issues.

As most people say, it is much easier to keep your existing hair rather than to make it grow back.  Also, most people who are afflicted with balding or hair fall problems generally understand that once a follicle has ceased working, then it will not be renewed anymore.

Treatments – Yes; Cure – No

There are certain hair care treatments that can slow down the progress of male-pattern baldness once it sets in.  Unfortunately, there is no absolute cure to this genetically-infuenced male-pattern baldness.  The two most well-known and extremely effective treatments for male-pattern baldness are:

Propecia generic – While it was originally used as medication for prostate problems, it has been found out that propecia generic can dramatically improve and even cease the progression of hair loss.

Minoxidil – Just like propecia generic, minoxidil was originally used as a medication for high blood pressure problems.  Did you know that its ability to increase hair growth, darken fine body hairs, and even promote significant hair growth is actually the side effects that you will get from taking minoxidil? How cool is that!

Aside from minoxidil and propecia generic, other treatments or solutions for hair loss problems may include hair transplants and wigs as well as plastic surgery operations such as scalp lifting or scalp reduction. Do consult your doctor especially if you are considering undergoing plastic surgery for your hair loss because it might be risky for you.