Tadalafil – Branded or Generic?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is easily the worst woe that a man will ever encounter as he no longer has the capacity to please both himself and his partner.  Fortunately, ED medications are aplenty with tadalafil being the most popular amongst couples.  However, when it comes to buying ED medications, is it better to go for branded or generic?

If you are not familiar with generic drugs, the name that identifies a generic drug is usually the active ingredient that the treatment has.  For generic tadalafil, it means that tadalafil is the active ingredient of the drug.  Usually, generic drugs are derived from branded drugs, the likes that had spent a lot of money in the research and development of the medication.  Normally, they are given several years of rights as sole maker and distributor of the drug to make up for the cost of the drug’s R&D.  In the case of generic tadalafil, it is Eli Lilly that did research as well as manufacturing of the drug Cialis – the branded version of generic tadalafil.  Like all drugs though, no manufacturer has sole rights to the making and distribution of the medication for a very long time which is why the ingredients used in the making of the drug are released and generic drug manufacturers are able to copy them and resell the drug for their own, provided of course they pay royalty as well as sell the drug only as generic in name.

Oftentimes, when it comes to the case as to whether buy or use branded drugs or generic, how you choose may be reliant with your budget as branded drugs are always more expensive than their generic counterparts.  Even if they have exactly the same ingredients, branded drugs are always more expensive.  Take the case of generic tadalafil versus Cialis.  You will hardly find any Cialis that is cheaper than generic tadalafil.  Even though they are very similar in content, the price of the branded is usually double that of the generic counterpart.  Since they have the same content, or say, active ingredient, it means that their effect towards what they are trying to achieve is basically the same.  This is why you will often hear a lot of doctors preferring to prescribe generic medications over branded ones.  Aside from price, the other differences between branded medications like Cialis with their generic rivals, such as generic tadalafil would likely be the manufacturing process.

Many discount the manufacturing process of generic drugs and claim it is better to simply buy branded ones.  They say that generic manufacturers have poor standards.  This though is something that cannot be denied, but neither is it always true as some drug manufacturers try their utmost best to comply with strict standards, especially if they will be distributing the medication to America or Europe, the likes that have very strict standards.  For this reason alone, it is safe to say that generic tadalafil is just as equally good as its branded version because not only do they both have the same content, but they also follow strict quality control in their manufacturing process.