Vaginal Flagyl and Alcohol – Do Not Mix

As a rule of thumb, it is always not an advice to take alcoholic beverages while you are taking medications. If you are asked by your doctor to take flagyl, you should never combine vaginal flagyl and alcohol during the course of the treatment. So far, there has been no solid proof that alcohol can indeed do dangerous side effects when combined with flagyl because there has been no sufficient studies that can support this. However, it has been known that alcohol can magnify the potential side effects of the drug because it will make the liver work harder to eliminate the substances from the body, and this can delay the process of alcohol is taken. Once you are on the process of treatment, you should never take vaginal flagyl and alcohol together.

Vaginal Infection and Flagyl

Vaginal infection is very common in women; often times it can be due to yeast infection or bacterial in nature. If you have been diagnosed with vaginal yeast infection or thrush, you are advised to have it checked by the doctor so that you will be advised with the right treatment. In this case, flagyl is not the right medication to treat the infection. On the other side of the story, some vaginal infections can be due to bacteria In this case, you may be prescribed with flagyl. However, there is an appropriate dosage to cure vaginal infections. Your doctor will advise you the correct dosage as well as the treatment period to take the dosage. You cannot exceed on the advised dosage, or extend on the treatment period since these might have side effects, unless advised by your doctor and all potential risks have been weighed against the benefits of the drug.

When is the right time to take alcohol?

The answer obviously is when you are done with the treatment. It should take a few hours to few days right after you have taken your last dosage. If you take vaginal flagyl and alcohol together during treatment, this might defeat the purpose of the medication. Alcohol has adverse side effects of the body, and flagyl is a strong antibiotic drug. Taking them together will have interactions, although this claim is not yet strongly supported with enough research. However it is better to be on the good side rather than take risk just to drink liquor on the wrong time.


So if you have been prescribed with flagyl, never take vaginal flagyl and alcohol all together. You can wait for a while since treatment generally lasts only for couple of days, depending on the gravity of your infection. However for more serious types of bacterial infections, it may last for weeks. Flagyl is used for a wide variety of bacterial infections, and also can be used to treat a few types of parasitic infections such as amoebiasis. If you are not sure when to stop treatment, consult your doctor right away. Do not stop taking flagyl unless you have been told so by your physician. Doctors will generally advise you not to intake vaginal flagyl and alcohol during treatment.