Maine Ready to Apply For More Broadband Internet Grants

Maine Ready to Apply For More Broadband Internet Grants
06/01/2010 11:10 AM ET
The federal government is preparing to grant a second round of recovery act grants for broadband construction. Governor Baldacci says an important part of Maine’s economic and environmental future.
“What I see is a future where it connects from one end of Maine to the other. And everywhere in-between. So you keep the special places, the quality of life, the wonderful natural resources, clean air and clean water and you’re able to do your businss from anywhere in this state all over the world. And that’s the goal,” Baldacci said.

Last year the state received $25 million for the private three ring binder project to help provide broadband access throughout the state. The projects recommended by the Governor range from a $20 million project proposed by FairPoint for expansion of broadband in Washington and Hancock counties to a project aimed at improving access by deaf Mainers.

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